Radio Dramas

Enjoy the Crogan Adventures graphic novels?  Then you're in for a treat!  In 2013, Decoder Ring Theatre released six brand-new Crogan Adventures stories... as audio dramas, available for free to listen to online or to download!

Each episode, written by Chris Schweizer and directed by Gregg Taylor, is a full half-hour of excitement, fun, and danger, and features a full cast.

"The Heart of Mabel Cottonshot"
Gunfighter Benjamin Crogan meets the girl of his dreams, but can he win her affection while being hunted by a vengeful band of outlaws?
Listen at the above link, or download the file!

"Crogan's Prize"
Amidst the spoils of battle, privateer Catfoot Crogan discovers something that will thrust him and his crew headfirst into the clutches of his most dangerous adversary!
Listen at the above link, or download the file!

"The Kimberley Pit"
Recovering from grievous injuries, diamond miner and ne'er-do-well Joseph Crogan must escort a trio of sisters across the dangerous African landscape to find their missing stepfather.
Listen at the above link, or download the file!

"The Island Lost to Time"
Circus performer Daniel Crogan and Captain Yatri of the tramp steamer Marietta find themselves on an island rumored to be the home of giant, man-eating reptiles.
Listen at the above link, or download the file!

"Incomplete Sentences"
A tale of mystery and intrigue in the desert sands as Legionnaire Peter Crogan sets out to solve the puzzle of his friend's sudden and suspicious death.
Listen at the above link, or download the file!

"Devil of the Deep"
David Crogan - smuggler, trader, and all-around Lothario - must do battle with one of the ocean's most terrifying creatures.
Coming August 15, 2013

If you liked these shows, and want to see more great stuff from Decoder Ring Theatre (I lucked into getting to work with them after being a long-time listener), consider making a donation to the show.  A one-time thing is always appreciated, but helping out as a monthly donor makes it possible for these magnificent performers to continue their work and make it available for free.  I'd love to do another round of Crogan tales with them in the future, and your contribution makes that possibility all the more likely!